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Val Müstair – a valley of many opportunities

This really is one little spot on this earth worth experiencing - Val Müstair in Switzerland. Once hikers, tourers, cyclists and cross-country skiers have discovered this paradise for themselves, their hearts will no longer want to let go of it. The appealing scenery and variety-packed terrain in Val Müstair guarantee nature-lovers and sports fans really are very well catered for, whatever their fitness level.

Biosfera Val Müstair is a regional nature park of national importance and its beauty inspires everyone who sets out to explore it. The 7 little villages in Val Müstair with their impressive old buildings and the newer, more modern buildings look lovely. The well-tended streets and lanes tempt you to go for a stroll and amble about. Paradise down to the last detail. We are grateful to live in this valley and to be able to delight our guests with so many nice things.