Summer in Val Müstair – Picture-book holidays

Action-packed at every turn

A feeling of freedom sets in! That is the enthusiastic testimony of anyone who treats themselves to holidays in Val Müstair. A place that is a paradise for hikers, climbers, summiteers, runners and water-sports fans, standing out with its versatile terrain that provides the optimum conditions for all kinds of sports. 

An extensive network of variety-packed hiking routes, with inspiring flora and fauna, makes hiking in Val Müstair in Switzerland a totally joyous place to explore. For all those of you who are looking for that sense of flow’ in the saddle, very well signposted routes and exploratory tours await, providing pleasure-packed cycling in Val Müstair.

Prefer to tackle the legendary natural surroundings in jogging mode? Then welcome to a running paradise that offers more. One welcome summiteers and seasoned climbers won’t be able to resist are the many three-thousand metre mountains in the majestic mountain realm that is Val Müstair. They set every Alpinist’s heart ablaze.

Holiday fun in summer ranges from the highest summits, right down to the depths of the idyllic water-bodies. Water sports fans too are not left empty-handed in the summer paradise around Val Müstair. Activities based around wind and water burgeon in the warm seasons. So what are you waiting for? The best time for your action-packed holiday is now!