A finer place to stay in Val Müstair?
No such thing!

Your gateway to fulfilling sports fun

You are just a few steps away from holiday joy. With just a few clicks you can secure your little place in the Hotel My Alpina in Val Müstair. Your nest in our accommodation in Val Müstair is there just waiting to be filled with life.

Nestle in now!

What your accommodation in Val Müstair also provides:

  • Use of our washing machine (10 CHF/Euro for each clothes wash, including tumble dryer)

  • Includes the Val Müstair guest card (Use of public transport free of charge throughout the valley)

  • ‘Marschtee’ included

  • For groups of 10 people, free overnight stay for the person in charge of leading the group or organizing the vacation

  • Buffet breakfast for non-guests (19 CHF per person)

So what is it that tops off your accommodation in Santa Maria in Val Müstair?

A hearty breakfast!

Not quite awake yet? That will soon change when you catch sight of our hearty buffet breakfast. What we serve not only tastes great, it is also a vibrant feast for the eyes, complete with attention-grabbing views to nature and the environs.